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Un-limiting your limited life

Just when you thought that you have done the best you can and that you have reached the limit of your capacity, I am here to tell you that instead of living within self - imposed constraints, it is time to increase your capacity. There are limits everywhere. Talk about speed limits, credit limits. I am not advocating lawlessness, but I would like you to know that you can break out of every limitation that has stopped and blocked your progress. Systems designed for control do not bring about growth. I would like to share with you some things about limitations.

1. Everything all around you is designed to limit you. Have you ever asked yourself why you can't be what you want to be, go where you want to go and just enjoy life the way you want to? Where ever you go you cannot just enter in and do what you want because that's not the way life his.

2. Membership cards for clubs, access cards to enter certain buildings, passwords to read your own e-mail, maximum withdrawal limits at the bank, minimum investment period, age restrictions, buying power restrictions, when you are flying its either business class or ordinary, members only clubs, prestige.

3. Above are a whole plethora of examples to demonstrate how everything has been designed to limit you. What if I told you today that you have no limits? What would you do? You'd probably think that you've been granted a licence to live lawlessly.

4. What if I told you that you have no limits in terms of how you can live, breathe eat, earn. I'm basically saying that you are limitless if you decide that you are.

5. Most of the limitations we have as human beings are self - imposed. How much money do you make a year?

6. You will never get more out of life until you make a decision that you to do more and become more because you deserve more.

7. Nothing happens until you are sick and tired. You only begin to unleash yourself and release the potential when you become restless. When you unleash the chains of bondage that have been keeping you tied to unfruitful venture. No one is going to say hey, wake up, you no longer have limits.

8. All the places mentioned above are either reserved or limited to a certain kind of person. Be that kind of person, and suddenly you can have more of the things that money can buy and things that money cannot buy. But you have to become one who is unlimited.

9. People with no limits think differently from those that are limited. They cultivate a vocabulary, habits and associations that do not limit them. They operate out of a higher level of conscious of "if it is to be it is up to me!" They do more with less, they are peak performance people. Every situation no matter how good or bad brings out the best in them. These people live miraculous lives. They set and achieve meaningful, audacious, big hairy goals. They know that the whole business of achieving one's potential is an inside job.

10. Most barriers to personal growth are self - imposed, not true of limitless people. They turn themselves loose on every opportunity they get. Do and become because if you don't do you don't become. The opportunities in the land of "no limits" are limitless

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